Wildcard Contest

Until September 30th, 2017

This year again, the BMX video contest is running on Instagram, but the major novelty is the International ticket ! In addition to the French Wildcard, there are no less than two wildards that we offer to international riders. (1 European wildcard and 1 international wildcard).

In October, these three selected teams will have the chance of being invited to join the best pros in Paris. And like last year, you can even become a judge, thanks to our partner Soul BMX!

  • Rules

    1. Read the rules and choose your duo: 1 rider + 1 filmmaker

  • Registration

    2. Register here through our registration form

  • Sosh Urban Motion

    3. Download here the Sosh Urban Motion intro video to insert at the beginning of your video

  • Musics

    4. Download, at your choosing, music to use in your video here, or use music to which you have rights

  • Instagram

    5. Shoot with your preferred camera and edit a video (max 1 minute lengh). Post your video on one of your team’s Instagram accounts (the rider’s OR the filmmaker’s, not both) with the hashtag #mysoshurbanmotion and mention @sosh_FR

  • SoulBMX

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Here are all the videos posted on Instagram that competed for the Wildcard Contest.

Wildcard Contest Winners

With 138 registrations from all over the world, this international edition of the Sosh Urban Motion was a great success. The judges have sweated to establish the ranking!

The French Wildcard goes to Emeric Michon & Vincent Jokovic. The Germans Robin Kachfi & Jan Mihaly win the European Wildcard. The World Wildcard is attributed to the Californian duo Paul DeMarcus & Will Huynh.

Each team will take part in the Pro Contest in Paris between the 14th and the 20th of October. They will have 5 days to shoot their best tricks and edit the perfect film.


Once again, the Sosh Urban Motion, with its partner Soul, offers you the opportunity to become a jury member and to bring the many informed observers of the competition voice. Stay tuned to the contest page on Soul to participate and join the distinguished judges already set to evaluate participants according to defined criteria: 50% realization / 50% riding.

For the Wildcard Contest, there will also be public vote on Instagram. Do not hesitate to share your video, the Instagram likes of the original video will be taken into account to decide the best videos!

  • Pierre Mercier

    Pierre Mercier

    Judge of the SUM for the last couple of years, Pierre is a true passionnate: he’s leading the “Session Libre” crew, wich has built the Skatepark in Aurillac. He was also the chief redactor of Soul for the last issues. Old school & new school, he knows all the aspects of BMX!

  • Pierre Wilhelm

    Pierre Wilhelm

    Pierre is a long time rider from the East of France. His expert knowledge of BMX has made him judging a lot of big euro contest, like the Nass or the last Simpel Session. Pierre masters also the mic & has hosted big comp like the last FISE. So you can be sure he will have an argumented opinion on every video!

  • Vincent De La Rue

    Vincent De La Rue

    As a director, Vincent has won the Wildcard Contest in 2015 and won even the silver medal in the pro contest. He still rides mainly trail and direct short film now. With him judging, you can be sure he will look carefully at the directing side of the video.

  • Sullyvan Guaincêtre

    Sullyvan Guaincêtre

    Sullyvan won with Vincent De La Rue the Wildcard Contest in 2015. He’s now considered as one of the most talented Parisian street riders. Sully is also riding for Frenchys, Sunday and Odyssey.


This year Sosh spoils you in multimedia material: smartphones, tablets, cameras, connected objects and plenty of multimedia accessories for the first 10 teams of the ranking!


Pro Contest

From 14 to 20 October, 2017

Since 6 years, we’re honored to welcome in Paris top high level riders!

This 2017 opus will be no exception with undoubtedly the pros among the hypest of the moment and, obviously, the three wildcards.

Gathered together in one place, the teams will explore the capital and its surroundings in search of the best spots and will try to film the most impressive videos, equipped only with smartphones and accessories extending the already impressive capabilities of these wonderful tools.

  • Tyler FernengelRich Forne

    Tyler Fernengel & Rich Forne

    Watch out, heavy team! Born in Detroit and living now in California, Tyler Fernengel his a young prodigy that can make the craziest tech maneuvers and the burliest gaps. He will be filmed by the enigmatic director Rich Forne. Born and raised in UK, Rich has been living all around the world to follow his shootings.

    Considered by his pairs as one the best BMX director, we are sure his crazy ideas will mix perfectly with Tyler’s riding.

  • Bruno HoffmannMarkus Wilke

    Bruno Hoffmann & Markus Wilke

    Freshly added to the World Team of Vans, Germany’s Bruno Hoffmann has been one the best European Street Rider for more than a decade. Throwing very rarely a basrpin or a tailwhip, the German wizard has a unique style based on big rotation and backward manuals.

    He will be filming with Markus Wilke, simply the first european to win a Medal at the X-Games, a silver in 2000. So you can guess he knows what he does :)

  • Joris CoulombRomain Fel

    Joris Coulomb & Romain Fel

    Joris Coulomb masters his BMX like a few and that’s why he has decided to lead his riding to different sights, more original. Sponsored by some U.S brands he is one of our best French ambassadors in the world. He will make his team with Romain Fel, who won the Wildcard Contest during the Sosh Urban Motion 3 and is a fisheye wizard!

  • Julián MolinaMarmolejo

    Julián Molina & Fernando Marmolejo

    Despite an accident that let him with only one leg, Colombia’s Julián Molina has an impressive bike control. For the mass it seems impossible to ride with only one leg so just imagine doing a backflip or a no hander!

    Spain’s Fernando Marmolejo will be the 2nd half of this 100% latin duo. Fernando is surely the most motivated spanish filmer and director, so you can be sure there will surprise us in the street of Paris!

Prize Money
of 3 000 €
for the winner

Closing Party

October 20th, 2017
@L’Aérosol, 54 rue de l’Évangile – 75018 Paris

Program: screenings of the Sosh Urban Motion 2017 in the presence of the 7 teams, awards ceremony, live painting, digital graffiti, goodies personalization workshops and many gifts to be won.

Closing Party 2017 Closing Party 2017 Closing Party 2017 Closing Party 2017 Closing Party 2017 Closing Party 2017 Closing Party 2017 Closing Party 2017

Pro Videos

Here are the Pro videos from 2017. The first prize went to Tyler Fernengel and his filmmaker Rich Forne.

  1. 1. Tyler Fernengel & Rich Forne

  2. 2. Jan Mihaly & Robin Kachfi

  3. 3. Julian Molina & Fernando Marmolejo

  4. 4. Bruno Hoffmann & Markus Wilke

  5. 5. Joris Coulomb & Romain Fel

  6. 6. Demarcus Paul & Doeby

  7. 6. Emeric Michon & Vincent Jokovic

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